How To Show Hidden Apps In Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

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5 Easy Steps To show hidden apps in Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos


Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is definitely one of the best smartphone for the price tag it has. Yu can easily get yourself this awesome gadget for a price of 18,000INR and you can enjoy a combo of large screen size as Galaxy Note and specifications like Galaxy S3. Galaxy Grand Duos is a smart combo of Note II and Galaxy S3.
Samsung Galaxy Grand duos comes with a large no of preinstalled apps. Since these apps cannot be uninstalled, I prefer hiding unwanted apps to remove the waste of space due to useless apps. You may easily hide these apps if you don’t need them. But what if you need any of the hidden application in near future or may be just for some important use.

5 Easy Steps to Show Hidden Applications in Galaxy Grand Duos
Step 1. Once you have decided which application you need to show, you can follow this simple procedure to show them. First click on Apps option from the menu…


Step 2. Once you get to your apps screen in Galaxy Grand Duos, click on the menu option from left hand touch soft key.
Step 3. You will be provided with a menu. Scroll to the last option and you will find an option to “Show Hidden Application”. Select that option.How-To-Show-Hidden-Apps-In-Samsung-Galaxy-Grand-Duos

Step 4. You will be show all the apps which you have hidden. By default, no any app is hidden in Galaxy Grand Duos, so in case if you can’t select this option, then you don’t have any hidden apps. If you have some hidden apps, all of them will be shown here.How-To-Show-Hidden-Apps-In-Samsung-Galaxy-Grand-Duos

Step 5. Your Galaxy Grand Duos will provide you the apps with an option to mark them. Once you have selected the apps you want to show.. click on Done on right hand side upper corner. Once you click on Done, all the selected apps will be listed continuously on the last apps screen. If you want to show all the hidden apps in Galaxy Grand Duos, select all the apps from Galaxy Grand Duos hidden Apps list.How-To-Show-Hidden-Apps-In-Samsung-Galaxy-Grand-Duos

And you are done showing the hidden applications on your Galaxy Grand Duos.

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